About us

The desire to combine the aesthetics and functionality of the cost conscious causes the system ceiling cooling and heating is becoming increasingly popular on Polish territory.

COOL COMFORT Sp. z. o. o. was founded in order to distribute Cooling & Heating Ceilings systems on Polish market. Founders of COOL COMFORT Sp. z o. o. gained their experience in Germany in the installation of Cooling & Heating Ceilings. There, in 2005 GOS GbR Inhaber Olszewski & Partner was founded, who is a contractor of Cooling & Heating Ceilings for companies in which priorities are convenience and comfort.

We have completed projects for major corporations, including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Deutsche Telekom, VR Bank, JTI Poland and many others. Our skilled staff has many years of experience, which guarantees high quality of work and timeliness of project implementation. We cooperate with German manufacturers of Cooling & Heating Ceilings like Thermolution GmbH, Peuckert GmbH, Zent Frenger Energy Solutions, Ecker Heiz & Kühlflechen Systeme. Cooperation with the above producers allows us to take full advantage of all the technical and organizational opportunities, whilst customize offers for the most demanding investor.

Using the knowledge and experience gained on the German market, we have the honor to present a product that is an expression of prestige and takes us into the realm of comfort and luxury. Allows you in a pleasant and quiet environment get even impossible – gives joy to work in the office and closer to Western Europe. Allows you to keep a cool head and cool mind during the most important negotiations. It is invisible, inaudible but palpable whenever needed.